Share & Repair

How To Reduce
Waste Schools

Reducing Waste in schools

We understand that educating children means they will educate their children. We deliver a programme of Workshops to year 6 primary school children (10/11 year olds).

We deliver 4 lessons beginning with Where do things come from (not Amazon!) and where do they go? What could we do instead?

Lessons are delivered in small groups of up to 8.

Lesson 1 - Sharing

What could they borrow for a party/camping/DIY project and how much would they save?

Lesson 2 - Repairing

how to problem-solve. They are the repairer for a blocked vacuum cleaner.

Lesson 3 - Circular

economy and the importance of resources in phones and electronic devices.

Lesson 4 - Learning about LED and rechargeable batteries

by mending broken torches, problem solving and understanding circuits, testing batteries and bulbs

The children finish by creating an assembly for the whole school based on what they have learnt

We are also hoping to introduce an after school Repair Club soon! If you might be interested in hosting or helping please Get in Touch.