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All our current vacancies are below. We are always on the look out for volunteers and have a range of fantastic roles – from cake baker to project managers – all with varying degrees of time commitment. We will almost certainly have a role to suit. So, if you want to be involved, and the roles listed on this page are not for you please get in touch.

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Current Vacancies

Latest Volunteer Vacancies – We Need You!

Description: Generally, people collect and drop off items (including donations) at the shop themselves. However, occasionally there are exceptions to this. For example, when someone has multiple items they want to donate, we sometimes go...
Description: Sometimes items donated are not needed in the Library of Things, either because they are not things people are likely to borrow, or because we already have several. When this happens, we choose to...
Description: The Library of Things is split up into five sections: Home, Garden, DIY, Camping & Outdoors, and Parties & Events. We are looking for a “Librarian” to oversee each section. Responsibilities: The “Librarian” for...
Description: Items in the library need a lot of care to keep them in good working order. All electrical items need PAT testing and all items need to be checked to see if they work....
Description: New items are being donated to all the time and these all need to be processed. As the new item documenter your role would be to photograph the new items, find a rough value...
Description: The vast majority of the admin needed to keep Share and Repair running is is done by volunteers. There are a range of admin tasks that can be taken on depending on your level...

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Why Volunteer?

We’re a friendly community group. Here’s what our volunteers say:

Nick - Repair Volunteer

“In my day job, I’m often on my computer and on the train, so I enjoy doing something tangible and hands on when volunteering at the weekend.”

Becky - Front Desk Volunteer

“You meet other people in the community and it helps you feel part of that community. Plus I’m really into the idea of encouraging people to fix things.”

Jackie - Sewing Repair Volunteer

“It’s a good way to socialise and gives me a reason to get up and out of the house. It keeps you mentally fit.” 

Caroline - Refreshments Volunteer

“I like how pleased people are from getting their things mended and also because it’s so sociable.”

Dick - Repair Volunteer

“I like how sociable it is and also the challenge of fixing things. You’re learning all the time”

Graham - Repair Volunteer

“It’s interesting because everything is a bit different. You can lend your logic to damaged items.”