Share & Repair



Our Story

Share and Repair is a small, but fast-growing charity in Bath and North East Somerset. Our aim is to help local people and communities reduce carbon, waste and landfill to improve the environment we live in and save money. In doing so we reduce pollution and increase the eco-environment to a more sustainable life.

  • 2017    First Repair Café opens in St Luke’s Church, Bear Flat
  • 2018    Larkhall, Weston and Southdown cafes are in full swing
  • 2019    Keynsham, Peasedown St John and High Littleton join the ever growing list of cafes with the first Library of Things opening at the Weston Hub
  • 2020    We register as a charity and move our activity to a pop up shop on Broad Street just before COVID strikes!
  • 2020    First HOW TO Workshops launched with HOW TO use hand and power tools quickly followed by Bike Maintenance, Use a Sewing Machine and more…
  • 2021    We’re on the move again! This time to a bigger shop on George Street. The Library of Things grows to over 700 items!
  • 2021    Launch of HomeKIT and school’s project HOW TO Reduce your carbon footprint
  • 2022    We get sponsorship for the Flying Satsuma, our electric cargo bike and we start to offer a Library of Things delivery service! 
  • 2022    We grow to over 2000 Library of Things members and open Repair Cafes in Saltford, Corsham and Bradford on Avon
  • 2023    We grow the schools project and reach over 300 11 year olds
  • 2023    We extend our shop opening hours and open on Tuesday morning and our amazing Volunteers are award the Kings Award for Voluntary Service

We create opportunities to reduce, repair, reuse and learn. We do this through:

Repair Sessions and Cafes that offer affordable mending

sharing resources through a Library of Things;

HOW TO workshops and Schools’ Workshops

HomeKIT, a programme that provides low income families with small electrical items for their new home.

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Our Mission

We are a catalyst for change through practical action and education

To deliver this we run 5 projects using 3 full-time equivalent staff and over 250 volunteers.

Repair Cafes

We opened our first Repair Café at Bear Flat, Bath in 2017. We now have 10 Repair Cafes providing affordable accessible repairs in the wider community run by local people. On a Saturday morning somewhere in Bath & NES and beyond, you will find a community space occupied by volunteer repairers, administrators, organisers and others with people bringing their household items to be repaired on a ‘give what you can basis’. People watch and learn to empower and inspire future repairing.

Repair Sessions

These happen upstairs in our high street shop on George Street, Bath whenever the shop is open and also run on ‘give what you can’ basis.

Library of Things

Our high street shop is home to over 700 things which people borrow for a small fee for about a week and return just as you would a library book. Around 95% of these items are donated. Categories include DIY, gardening, home, parties and outdoor and adventure. We also encourage ‘try before you buy’ in an effort to save money, reduce consumption and save space. Membership to the Library of Things helps keep Share and Repair running. The money is used to replenish our necessary supplies and keep the items in the Library fit for sharing.

HOW TO Workshops

Sign up for a workshop and learn a new skill. Our workshops are run by experienced and skilled people, often volunteers, and include HOW TO use power tools, HOW TO maintain your bike, HOW TO use your sewing machine and are added to regularly. Keep an eye on our socials for more.

Schools’ Workshops – HOW TO Reduce Waste

We understand that educating children means they will educate their children. Last year we began to successfully deliver a programme of Workshops to year 6 (10/11 year olds). This important work is mainly funded by grants from individuals, trusts and foundations. If you think you can help us deliver this vital work, please get in touch with us at


HomeKIT’s purpose is to repair and distribute small electrical items like kettles, irons, toasters, heaters, lamps and radios to low income households. We collect the items, repair and PAT test and distribute through our network of partner charities. We have donated over 270 items so far and counting!  If you have an item you might like to donate to our HomeKIT project please get in touch




Providing these small essentials for our people really helps them onto the next step of the  ladder and gives more money to save for rent and basics. Thanks Share and Repair


I’ve learnt all about being better for the environment, waste, repairing and I even got the chance to fix lots of really interesting things. I think the repair shop is amasing.

It’s quite useful to learn how to repair a torch. I now will think before I buy something if I really need it and always share things.

I think they are very fun and interesting and will change my point of view for in the future.

Even when the item wasn’t repaired people enjoyed the service: Nice cup of tea and enjoyed the chat.

Wonderful idea and very generous of people giving their time and skills.

Always a pleasant experience to visit and get things mended and given advice.

Thank you so much to everyone today. You made me feel welcome and tried everything to fix my parachuting Santa! I’ve learned so much. Best wishes to you all and keep up the great work.

Great initiative and definitely coming again.

Brilliant! Many thanks. I now know what the fault is and how it can be repaired.

I’m so happy. Colin thought of a way to fix it. He was determined and did it – very pleased!

This is an excellent idea to prevent items going into landfill. Very friendly service.

Joel very helpful; nice atmosphere in the hall.

Secateurs close beautifully after an adjustment. Thank you!

Great repair, very happy.

Brilliant service – thank you!

Wonderful place and such lovely volunteers


Thanks to all of you for another year of brilliant repairs and loans – reducing Bath’s consumption of stuff one small thing at a time


I just want to say a massive thank you for all the good work you do! From repairing our household items, to your incredibly helpful library of things and especially the amazing school holiday events you host. You all do such a brilliant job in not only helping us all be more sustainable but also being such kind and talented individuals who donate your time to such a good cause. Well done to all of you!