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HOW TO Use Power Tools and Hand Tools

3 York Buidings, George Street



An introduction to using a variety of small power tools and hand tools. This may be a cordless drill, sander, jig saw or hammer, screwdriver, hacksaw etc. 

It will include 

– Learning which tool is the best one to use

– How to set up for different materials 

– Using, for example drilling a hole for putting up a shelf

– Safely using and issues to lookout for

  • Experienced craft people will demonstrate and help with hands on experience as well as try and answer individual problems where possible.
  • A range of tools will be provided, bring your own tool for specific advice.
  • This workshop is for those with limited or little knowledge and will give a basic understanding. This is not for the experienced or professionals and is not certified training.
  • We are asking for a suggested donation of £10

HOW TO Use Your Sewing Machine

Southdown Methodist Church Hall


On the first Saturday of every month at 10.30am:

July 6th 

September 7th 

October 5th

November 2nd

December 7th

This hands-on workshop is for beginners and those who haven’t used their machine in a while. It will guide you through setting up and help show you how to get the most from your sewing machine.

It will include:

  • Learning to wind the bobbin and thread your machine
  • Understanding the various functions and stitches of your sewing machine
  • Simple problem solving
  1. Our volunteer tutors will help answer any specific questions and resolve issues you have with your machine.
  2. As this workshop is primarily intended to help you get the most out of your own machine, sewing machines do vary, it is best to learn on your own machine.
  3. Don’t forget to bring your own machine (and the manual for your machine would be helpful too!) If you don’t have your own sewing machine we have a limited number that you can borrow (please select Borrow A Sewing Machine at checkout).
  4. Please note that this is an adult only event and we are asking for a suggested donation of £10
  5. P.S. don’t forget your power lead and foot pedal!

HOW TO Maintain Your Bike



10.30 - 12.00

8th June

13th July

Join us for a hands-on morning learning all things bike! We’ll teach you the basics of maintaining and repairing your bike.

This session is for beginners who want to learn how to make sure their bike is safe to ride and make basic adjustments and repairs.

It will include three workstations:

  1. Checking your bike – learn how to check your bike is safe to ride and when you need to take it to a bike shop
  2. Wheels – learn how to remove your wheel, repair a puncture and more
  3. Brakes – learn how to check your brakes, adjust your brakes and more

We are asking for a suggested donation of £10 and don’t forget to bring your bike with you, it’s best to learn on your own bike


HOW TO Darn – Visible Mending For Knitwear

Cassia, BA2 3GJ


Date TBD

We’re back for a fun and friendly evening of creative mending. Learn how to visibly mend holes in your knitwear by hand, using a simple woven darning technique.

Visible mending is a beautiful way to rejuvenate your clothes and reconnect with them, repairing rather than replacing.

Bring along a knitted garment in need of repair (moth eaten sweaters and holey socks are ideal), or one you’d like to embellish, and a darning mushroom if you have one. All other materials will be provided.

No experience necessary, come along and enjoy some colourful knitwear repair whilst helping to save the planet.

We are asking for a suggested donation of £10