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Latest Volunteer Vacancies – We need you!


Description: With the wonderful location of the George Street shop we get lots of passers-by popping in and expressing an interest. We need a friendly, smiley person who is comfortable talking to people and explaining what we do at Share and Repair.

Responsibilities: You would be responsible for greeting people when they enter the shop. You will also be expected to explain what Share and Repair is and how it works (we will provide a script to help with this). During this Covid era, you also need to be confident managing visitor numbers in the shop and ensuring people wait until there is space to enter.

Skills required: Friendly and able to communicate with new people.

Time commitment: Ideally you could commit to coming in to the shop once a week on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday (10am-1pm). This could be flexible though. We also need reserves who are happy to be contacted as and when we need someone to step in.


Description: When people borrow and return items to the Library of Things these need to be checked in and out on a system called LendEngine. The receptionist would check items in and out and make sure payment goes through for all of the items.

Responsibilities: Get items that are reserved ready to go out at the start of the day. Check out items when borrowers come to collect them. This includes ensuring the photo ID and proof of address have been seen, taking payment for the item (it not done so in advance) , and checking whether the borrower needs any consumables with the item (such as cleaning fluid). You would also check items in when they are returned.

Skills required: Friendly and able to communicate with new people. Basic computer skills and be quick to learn the LendEngine programme.

Time commitment: Ideally you could commit to coming in to the shop once a week on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday (10am-1pm). This could be flexible though. We also need reserves who are happy to be contacted as and when we need someone to step in.


If you could help us prepare budgets, forecast income and expenditure, we'd love to hear from you. We are looking for support to make sure we are on track and to prepare accounts at year end. We do not need an audit.

Get in touch if you'd like to get involved.


A straightforward bookkeeping role that involves entering invoices, receipts, etc, onto our systems and allocating all income and payments to the right project.

Let us know if you can help.

More Very Important Volunteer Roles

We always need lots of volunteers and have some fabulous roles – from cake baker to project manager – all with varying degrees of time commitment. So if you want to have a big involvement or just a small one, we almost certainly have a role to suit.


Description: We always need repairers who can fix electrical items, household items and clothing. If you like to mend things, like to figure out how things work and are willing to take a look at whatever people bring in, then we would love to have you. Our monthly Repair Cafes are currently on hold but we are continuing to offer repairs in the Broad Street shop. People book slots in advance (one repair per hour per repairer). Customers sit at a table with the repairer with a Perspex screen between repairer and customer.

Responsibilities: As a repairer it will be your responsibility to attempt to repair the items brought to you to the best of your ability. You are also expected to help the customer understand the process of the repair so that they can learn themselves. If an extra part is required, you are expected to advise the customer what they need and, if possible, where they might find it. It is not your responsibility to source the extra parts yourself.

Skills required: We offer a range of types of repairs, typically falling into three main categories: electrical, mechanical, and sewing. To be a repairer you will need experience in one or more of those areas.

Time commitment: Ideally 3 hours per week but this is flexible. Repair sessions in the shop usually run on Mondays (10am-1pm), Wednesdays (10am-1pm), Fridays (10am-1pm), and Saturdays (10am-12noon). If you’re able to commit to one of these days every week that would be fantastic. Reserve repairers to fill in gaps are also very welcome. We also have repairers working remotely from home during lockdown.


Description: The vast majority of the admin needed to keep Share and Repair running is is done by volunteers. There are a range of admin tasks that can be taken on depending on your level of experience and what you are comfortable with. Some of these admin roles can be taken on remotely and some can be done in the shop.

Responsibilities: This role can be varied to suit your need so the level of responsibility is flexible. If you agree to take on a task it is your responsibility to complete that task, or let us know as soon as you can if you are no longer able to complete it.

Skills required: Basic computer skills and some experience with Microsoft Excel are needed for most of the admin roles.

Time commitment: Flexible. You could commit to a regular morning in the shop (Wednesday, Friday or Saturday). Or you could work remotely with flexible hours.


Description: New items are being donated to all the time and these all need to be processed. As the new item documenter your role would be to photograph the new items, find a rough value online, come up with a reasonable loan fee, and enter the item details onto a spreadsheet.

Responsibilities: Keeping the spreadsheet up to date with new items, and uploading the corresponding item photos onto the Google Drive.

Skills required: You will need basic computer and photography skills (using a camera phone for photos is fine).

Time commitment: Ideally once a week in the shop on either Wednesday, Friday or Saturday (10am-1pm). This could be flexible though.


Description: Items in the library need a lot of care to keep them in good working order. All electrical items need PAT testing and all items need to be checked to see if they work.

Responsibilities: You would check over items for any damage and also that they work when they come in. Ideally the item carer would also be a trained PAT tester so that they can PAT test items when they are donated.

Skills required: Experience of working with various tools including power tools. Experience of PAT testing or willingness to learn. Basic electrical skills. Any expertise in repairing, either electrical or mechanical, would also be beneficial.

Time commitment: Ideally you could commit to coming in to the shop once a week on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday (10am-1pm), or on Saturday (10am-12noon). This could be flexible though. We also need reserves who are happy to be contacted as and when we need someone to step in.


Description: The Library of Things is split up into five sections: Home, Garden, DIY, Camping & Outdoors, and Parties & Events. We are looking for a “Librarian” to oversee each section.

Responsibilities: The “Librarian” for each section would be responsible for evaluating what items the section is missing and what items are no longer needed. They would also be responsible for making sure that we hold the appropriate consumables for the items in that section (e.g. sand paper pads for electric sanders).

Skills required: Ideally you would have experience or expertise in using the items in that section.

Time commitment: This role does not require a set number of hours per week and the amount of work that is needed may vary..


Description: Sometimes items donated are not needed in the Library of Things, either because they are not things people are likely to borrow, or because we already have several. When this happens, we choose to sell the item instead. The item seller would arrange selling the items on our behalf.

Responsibilities: The item seller would be responsible for selling the items that we no longer need at a reasonable price and making arrangements for their collection from the shop or to be delivered.

Skills required: Experience of selling second hand items (e.g. on Ebay).

Time commitment: The time commitment for this role is very flexible. The role can mostly be done remotely.


Description: Generally, people collect and drop off items (including donations) at the shop themselves. However, occasionally there are exceptions to this. For example, when someone has multiple items they want to donate, we sometimes go and have a look at which items are most suitable to the library and collect them. Therefore, an item collector who can drop off and pick up items when necessary would be a useful addition to the team.

Responsibilities: Collect and drop-off items around Bath when needed.

Skills required: Ability to drive and a car or van. Alternatively, you could cycle. We are also hoping to have access to electric cargo bikes in the near future.

Time commitment: The time commitment for this role is very flexible.


Description to follow…

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Why volunteer?

We’re a friendly community group. Here’s what our volunteers say…

Repair Volunteer

“In my day-job I’m often on my computer and on the train so I enjoy doing something tangible and hands-on when volunteering at the weekend.”

Front Desk Volunteer

“You meet other people in the community and it helps you feel part of that community. Plus I’m really into the idea of encouraging people to fix things.”

Sewing Repair Volunteer

“It’s a good way to socialise and gives me a reason to get up and out of the house. It keeps you mentally fit.”  

Refreshments Volunteer

“I like how pleased people are from getting their things mended and also because it’s so sociable.”

Repair Volunteer

“I like how sociable it is and also the challenge of fixing things. You’re learning all the time"

Repair Volunteer

“It’s interesting because everything is a bit different. You can lend your logic to damaged items.”