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What is a Repair Cafe?

A Repair Café is a place where visitors can bring along all sorts of broken items and where a group of volunteers will try to mend them. It’s a community event where the emphasis in on mending broken items to prevent them being thrown away. Refreshments are available at each venue (for a small charge).

What items can I bring to a Repair Cafe?

You can bring along electrical appliances, clothing, furniture, housewares, toys, etc. Anything that’s broken (and which you can manage to carry on your own to the Repair Café) is welcome. 

What if I need a part?

Our volunteers can advise if you need a special part. When this is the case, we ask visitors to source the part directly and bring it along to the next Repair Café where our volunteers will use it to try and mend the item.

What if I need a zip?

Our sewing specialists can replace zips free of charge but you will need to source and bring along the right length zip. We also ask that you remove the broken zip in advance.

Do I bring tools?

No, there’s no need to bring tools. Our volunteers use their own (much-loved) tools.

Do I have to register before visiting a Repair Cafe?

No, you can drop by one Share & Repair’s Repair Cafés without registering. 

However, bear in mind that our opening times are 10am until 1pm. To ensure our repairers have time to look at your item, please arrive and book in before 12.30pm.

How much does it cost to have something repaired at a Repair Cafe?

Visiting a Repair Café is free of charge but voluntary donations are always appreciated. In each Repair Café, a collection box is available for donations if you’d like to make one.

Where does my donation go?

Donations are used to cover some of the costs involved in running Repair Cafés. These include: hall hire; insurance; resources such as glues, batteries and fuses; and publicity.

How is Share and Repair funded?

Share & Repair funding comes from a mixture of donations and grants. Donations by visitors to the Repair Cafés are used to cover the costs of hall hire, insurance, materials and an annual volunteer celebration.    

Grants from St John’s, Bath & West Community Energy Fund and Bath Boules are used to buy capital items such as PAT Testers (to check electrical items are safe to use), publicity and marketing materials.

What is a Library of Things?

A Library of Things is a place where you can borrow items ‘Things’ that you might need to use just now and again. 

By using a Library of Things, you can reduce the environmental impact of purchasing and owning items, as well as save money.

What can I borrow?

We have five categories: 

  • DIY
  • Garden
  • Kitchen & Home
  • Leisure
  • Parties & Events

 Our items range from power tools for tricky DIY projects to specialist equipment for cleaning the home or having a party. 

Search for an item here.

Where do your items come from?

Our items have been donated by people in and around Bath. Most now belong to the Library of Things but it’s also possible for people to retain ownership of their item and be able to use it themselves when they need to.

How much does it cost to borrow an item?

Borrowing costs vary depending on the item. If you would like a 25% discount on all weekly borrowing costs, you can join the Library of Things as a Full Member for £10 per year. 

If you prefer, you can stick with Free Membership, which doesn’t come with any discounts. 

Search for an item and cost of borrowing here.

What do I need to bring with me to use the Library of Things?

Please bring two forms of ID and your payment (card or cash) when you come to collect your item.

Where is the Library of Things?

Weston Hub, Penn Hill Road, Weston, Bath, BA1 4EH

When's the Library of Things open?

Our opening times are: 

Wednesday 10am-11am

Thursday 9.30am-10.30am 

Friday 11.30am-12.30pm

Saturday 9.30am-10.30am